A Rachel Prince Mystery Book 1

by Dawn Brookes 

A cruise should be the perfect remedy for Rachel Prince who has been ditched by the man she was engaged to marry!

That’s what her best friend, Mary suggested when she invited Rachel to join her on the cruise ship where she works as a nurse. It would have been the ideal getaway if there wasn’t a potential murderer on the loose.

Rachel befriends a bereaved, elderly woman but, as a newly qualified WPC, she becomes convinced that something sinister is going on around the old lady. There is mystery and threat surrounding her new friend, Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe.

Who is the secretive Carlos and why does he seem to be watching Lady Snellthorpe? As she finds herself becoming more and more attracted to him she is sure that stress is causing her to imagine things.

Events unfold that cause her to doubt Carlos and when one of the passengers meets with a tragic accident the doubts multiply. Is Marjorie in danger and can she prevent a murder even when she is in danger herself? She is determined to relax and enjoy her holiday with her friend, Mary but there is danger at every turn.