by Andreea Pryde

Ariana is a 17-year-old student, popular among humans, hated by animals and with almost zero interest for boys. Her relationships always came out of boredom, and it was all because a dream she had since childhood. A dream about a man covered by shadows who protects her from flames.

Michael was forced to live in the jungle for a long time, having only the company of his carer. After many years he returned to the civilized world. He enrolled in high school and is trying to lead a normal life. He did not expect to make any friends, as the dark rumors around him appear from the second day of school, but Ariana is ready to accept him for who he is, without batting an eye.

Ariana is intrigued by his wild eyes, and not only. He also seems to hide a very sweet disposition behind that wildness.

Or so she thought…