by Suzi Albracht

Death Most Wicked 
The Devil’s Due Collection – Book 1

When highly-decorated Homicide Detective Mikael Ruskoff takes the case, all he knows is that a man is snatching and murdering young girls… very young girls. He soon finds out that the perpetrator is quite adept at hiding his crimes and the girls. So adept that there are very few leads or clues and no trails to follow.

To make matters worse, his long-absent father, Dimitri Ivanovitch, reappears, demanding Mikael’s loyalty. Even as Mikael refuses to accept Ivanovitch as his father, he finds out that his father is evil incarnate. 

Soon, Mikael discovers just how hell-bent Ivanovitch is about Mikael joining him in his vile affairs. Threats are made against Mikael’s family and his friends by his father’s henchman. Then his mother, who has been secretive on the subject of his father, confesses that everything his father claims is true, and that means the threats are real. 

Now Mikael’s life is pure hell. All he knows is that he has to stop the child murders and somehow keep his family safe from the evil hands of his father. But young girls keep turning up dead, and his partner seemingly commits suicide. Then, after Mikael’s mother suffers a stroke that paralyzes her, a murderer enters her hospital room and kills her. Mikael is stunned, he had been sure she would be safe in the hospital. Then he finds out his father’s henchman killed his partner and staged the suicide. Suddenly, he realizes who his father will go after next… his wife and young son.

Can Mikael keep his family safe until he can find a way to send his father away forever? And can he catch the elusive child murderer before he strikes again?