Law & Order SVU meets Death Wish

When a man’s daughter takes her own life in the aftermath of being raped at college, Michael Carson creates The Foundation to bring help and justice to victims of sexual assault and retribution to those who commit these heinous acts.

Can a man’s heart be judged ONLY by the experiences that created him? Can a line be drawn between the acts of an Angel of Justice and those of the demons he is fighting?

Let the Foundation for the Betterment of Man take you on a dark journey and just maybe . . . bring you back out the other side. 

You may survive the novel, but you’ll never be the same.

FBoM is an issue-oriented, fast-paced and thought provoking novel that is timely and relevant. EM Bosso has created complex characters, and his gritty writing makes for an extremely compelling read that you simply won’t be able to put down.

PRAISE for FBoM – The Foundation: