by LeAnn Mason

Meet Nathalee. She’s the key to their freedom…

Generations ago, a new breed of human emerged. The government, fearing these new “Enhanced,” isolated effected families into communities boasting prison-like perimeters to live in exile, safeguarding the rest of the world from the anomalies.

As one of the few Enhanced humans whose gifts encompass the mental and physical spectrums, Nathalee lives a life separate from others. Even among those who the world segregates as potential weapons, Nat is shunned for her telepathic abilities. But one encounter with a gorgeous mute man has her finding an opportunity to make a difference in their tiny world— as an enforcer.

Part of a new experimental team, Nathalee must wade through muddied mental waters if the team hopes to stop the assailant who enjoys pitting citizens against one another. Those confrontations are coming to violent, life-ruining ends for anyone involved. The suspect pool is large and powerful, but the repercussions of failure put everyone she knows and loves at risk. 

With so many possibilities of both suspects and victims, Nat will test the limits of her ability —and her sanity— in order to track the illusionist and stop the tyranny.