Bookabilly Readers Club

Get rewarded for your reading!

We appreciate our readers greatly since readers are the heart of this industry. Our Rewards program offers cool prizes for loyal reading.

We reward our users with:

1. Amazon gift cards
2. Signed copies of books by our top authors
3. CASH!!!

How does our Readers Club work?

1. You sign-up
2. You will receive a personal invitation with recommendations to buy a book based on your genre preferences
3. You buy a book of your choice
4. You review a book (only if you like it, it’s optional)
5. You receive membership points for book purchases and reviews
6. You use your points to get your reward

Book promotion is not about numbers. It’s about the quality of engagement. We at Bookabilly appreciate our readers and always look for values we can offer for loyal reading and commitment to Bookyabilty programs!

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