*** A stunning psychological thriller ***

The inner world of most seventeen year old girls is one of secrets and fantasies, and one of hope, past traumas, and battered egos. Emily, however, is no ordinary seventeen-year-old girl, and the scars on her psyche run far deeper than most. When her carefully-constructed semblance of normality is challenged by the upcoming return of a buried threat, she has to re-open old wounds and delve back into the secrets of her hidden, inner existence. Prepare to step into the world of the My Myth trilogy - the first part of which is a stunning psychological thriller and young adult fantasy that you’ll simply never forget.

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Hey guys! Today I have something really special. Jane Alvey Harris has just released her latest novel ‘Riven’ and today, I have her here on my blog for a short little interview with her about the novel.



If you’re really into psychology and/or like reading about mental illness then this book may be for you. However, it’s not for the faint of heart so please take measure to care for yourself if you read this book.



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I have a Humanities degree from Brigham Young University with emphases in Art History, Italian Language, and Studio Art. I'm CRAZY about the visual and performing arts! I enjoy playing classical piano, painting & sketching, singing & acting, and especially writing poetry & prose.

But my real passion is PEOPLE. I love to watch and study what makes us tick as human beings. I'm definitely a dreamer, and my favorite thing to do is weave together sublime settings and stories for characters to live and learn in...myself included.

I currently live in an enchanted fairy-princess castle in Dallas, Texas, with my three often-adorable children and their three seldom-adorable cats.