by Ilias I. Sellountos

For 10 of our calendar years, but many more uniquely their own, Ystala and Ystasa Sylvan have dwelled in a Dreamworld. The twins have shared it with friends who have grown closer than siblings. When their sanctuary is destroyed, their protectors await to take them to the Lighthouse.

They are children of five different races (and even more ancestries), of a universe splintered in two by the Cataclysm eleven and a half thousand years ago; one half is where the Earth we know lies; while the other half-cosmos is immersed in an additional force of nature that we would only call “Μagic.”

Together they must face a world where blood means much, much more.

They must solve the mystery behind their fragmented memories, rekindle relationships centuries in the making and search for the truths that bound them to the Dreamworld in the first place.

They must see through the secrets and lies that govern even their other, wondrous (side of the) Earth, and face numerous threats and a deadly and relentless adversary.

Together they must get to the mystery behind the Cataclysm.

Together they must seek the Ylberian Jewel.