A Novel Introducing U.S. Marshal Jack Monroe

by Steven Pajak

Michael Monroe had a perfect life … until Robert Elliott Lang decided to destroy him.

Michael has it all: a fulfilling career as a university administrator, a loving family, a beautiful home … even a thrilling affair on the side. Then a disgruntled employee sends a devastating e-mail to thousands university students and co-workers, and Michael’s hard-won reputation goes up in flames. Hours later, his wife is reminded of the affair, and his marriage breaks apart. By nightfall he’s in handcuffs – under arrest and alone.

Robert Elliott Lang – the disgruntled employee – has targeted Michael Monroe, an innocent family man, for crazy reasons all his own. He’s a compulsive liar, a twisted genius, a sociopath – and he is determined to make Michael Monroe suffer. In a matter of hours, Lang manipulates Michael’s lover, shatters his reputation, and turns his wife against him. And he’s just getting started.

Michael is forced to turn to his brother Jack, a retired U.S. Marshal with problems of his own, but they can’t stop the evil force of nature that is Robert Elliott Lang. Within hours, the people Michael loves begin to fall. All too soon, one is in a coma; another is being stalked. And then people begin to die.

Can Michael and Jack end Lang’s insane assault? How many will die before the wolf among the sheep can be stopped? Or can he be stopped at all?

Enter the world of Robert Elliott Lang. You’ll be lucky to leave alive.